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Founder of Sungazer

For a long time, the idea of bringing together his hometown Šiauliai peculiar voices to a joint project, the sound of which would be close to the alternative scene of Šiauliai in the 1990s, did not give peace to music creator and producer Eligijus Žilinskas. Experiments in the recording studio gave rise to Eligijus' solo project Sungazer.

At the end of 2019, surrounded by a cloud of guitar sounds, the first song of the project was born - "Above the Clouds". For each live musical composition, the author invited a different vocalist from Šiauliai, who gave the song its own sound and originality with its lyric text and interpretation of the melody. Several performers who come from outside of Šiauliai joined the project, but in one way or another related to this city.



Saulė Laurinaitytė

Saulė is one of the first performers, who joined the Sungazer project. When she is asked to introduce herself, she describes herself as a performer for ,,small spaces”. However, the songs performed by Saulė spread further than tiny spaces and reach the ear of every listener.
The song "Above the Clouds" tells a story about Him and Her - fears loneliness, living with the hope and belief that they will stay together everywhere and always.
The Sungazer project for Saulė is a real breath of refreshment for its soul. When Eligijus invited her to join the project, she wanted to refuse it because she was feeling aloof from the music. Finally she failed to give up, because music is one of those things in life that raises Saulė "Above the Clouds".


Gerda Karalienė

“Person of art is born” - says Gerda. And such a person cannot live without creativity. Gerda is currently working heavily in the advertising industry, but creation of music and music itself didn’t stand back from her daily life and leisure.
“Lights” is one of the strongest works to which Eligijus and Gerda touched. It was born inspired by experiences of the frivolous youth and present, and they came together in one song, revealing different stages of life, and the charm of it.
Gerda wishes that anyone who cannot live without creativity can become a part of a project like Sungazer. When there is a creative synthesis between two people, the lights of music, that no one hasn't seen before, arise. 

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Martynas Juchnevičius (Marts)

Martynas in music - not a newcomer - in the past belonged to one of the indie rock bands "Lygiailyja" in Šiauliai. Now he creates illustrations for children's magazines, literature, and portraits of world-famous people POP ART style. 
It’s an interesting fact that Martynas contributed to the creation of the famous animated film "Mr. Bean".

For the song "Pašvaistės", Martynas chose a romantic poem by his father, the poet Eduardas Juchnevičius. This song, as Martynas says himself, encourages the listener to become a "Wandering Discoverer" and find an opportunity to still marvel at the world around him...


Goda Žukauskienė (Godumi)

She travels where music leads her. The music also brought her to the band Cunabula. The music also brought her to Sungazer.

Sungazer music has been enchanting since the first notes. Although Goda didn’t know where the music would bring her this time, she plunged into a creative path.

She didn‘t want to tell the story by the song – she wanted to draw the emotion, which dominated in Goda‘s life at that time. And she dit it. 

This is how the song ,,Nebijau" was born. 

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Milda Stasaitytė

Milda is a music writer and singer who is involved in various music projects.
She met Eligijus (founder of the Sungazer project) many years ago, they were working together during the summer. Realizing they have a similar approach to music, they decided to create something together. Eligijus was the first person to see Milda’s very first steps on her creative path.

The song "Take me Home" is about maturity and the feeling that after a long wandering, the home finally invites you to come back.
And it doesn’t matter where those homes are at all and what perception of this word we each have - we still know that we’ll return there, led by that cry.


Paulius Ignatavičius

Paulius Ignatavičius is a well-known musician, theater actor and director.

When Eligijus invited him to join and become one of the performers of the Sungazer project, none of them had in their minds neither the words, nor the melodies for the nascent song. But inspired by a future project, Paulius laid out the words on a sheet of white paper soon after. Finally, with the birth of the melody, all that was left is to record it.  

The song "Prašau" reminds the listener that sometimes we all need loneliness in order to be able to get together again, to purify our thoughts and feelings.

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Gabija Petrauskaitė

Gabija is a personality of a very creative soul, she creates music and writes lyrics herself. With her songs, she expresses all the feelings that would be hard to express in words.
The song "Not the end" tells about love, anxiety being alone, difficulties and life’s ups and downs.

The song is dedicated to a loved one, so it’s an appendix and begins with a reference to it, "Take me to the place where we first met".
Gabija says that the Sungazer project is one that not only remains in the heart of the memory, but also gives a great experience to the performer - allows you to test yourself in a completely different approach.


Vladas Chockevičius

Vladas saw the Sungazer project on the Internet and he liked it very much. Fate or not, he was invited by Eligijus to join his project.

The song "Horizontai" is philosophical in nature - it draws attention to how fast time passes and how important it is to preserve and cherish this moment. It is a song about the past, the future and, most importantly, the present.

Vladas says writing a new song for the creator is another step forward. The more new creations, the easier it is for the developer to succeed. New experiences alone make it worth trying yourself on a project like Sungazer.

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Ramunė Žilinskienė

Ramunė is that person, who saw the whole trip of Sungazer project. Because she's Eligijus wife! 

Believe it or not, but the song "Wasting My Time" is her debut not only in the recording studio, but also in the music. She had never sung before in a pprofessional way! 

So what about is ,,Wating My Time"? Ramunė leave it to linsteners to decide. For some it will become a ritual to listen this song while they will travel to work, for others it will remind a vintage american movie.

Ad for the other part, it will become that song which one you listen to remember the one that you love and who is worth to wasting your time. 

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